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Multiple companies are starting to build virtual worlds now, generally known as metaverses, but they usually lack one or various of these elements: good graphics, details, rich gameplay, functionality, defined areas with specific rules and themes etc.

We are starting to create an excellent fun virtual world that would have all the important elements mentioned! And the best part is that is decentralized and you could win money just by playing it for free initially! And you could get very rich if you invest in it! You will be able to buy and trade NFTs that would be in-game assets such as avatars, land, properties, cars, items, weapons etc. and you will be able to win cryptocurrency while playing!

It would be a multiplayer virtual world based on Mirror networking, first for PC, and we will soon release VR versions as well for Quest, SteamVR and Pimax, then also for mobile phones. The world would be similar to the Oasis from Ready Player One, with some differences. It would have great graphics, better than VR chat, and it will be a world full of actual games, not only chatting and exploring! It would be a whole world to the smallest detail, you can have your own house and decorate it, car, avatar, even your own mansion, land, bloc, restaurant or nightclub! A parcel would be 100m X 100m (95.25m X 95.25m + road) and there would be a total cap of 100K buildable parcels (that you can buy and build or that already has buildings and you can buy flats from that building), after that, the cap could be increased by 10K per year.

The Ultraverse would be full of parties and you could do pretty much whatever you want there, each zone having specific rules or games! You will be able to play proper full games such as shooters, racing games, tag games, climbing and platformer games, fitness, fighting and boxing games and many other games! The whole world would be a multiplayer role playing game itself that contains various areas with their own theme and rules / game.

Imagine meeting with friends in a virtual mall where you can shop NFTs or real life items, then going to your big mansion to throw a pool party, then to a nightclub or stripclub, and from there you go to an island to play a game similar to call of duty, then you take an helicopter to a fantasy island and assault a castle, then you go to a cyperpunk city to chase criminals with jetpacks and so on! And the whole time you would be using your own avatar and items that you own as NFTs!

It is in its very early stages, but with your help, we can build the ULTRAVERSE!

The pre-teaser is not final gameplay! Everything is subject to change!



  1. Launching a 1111 NFT collection: Ultra Pioneers

*These will be 3D NFTs that can be used in the Ultraverse and in other future games. They will be mostly human, but also elves and other races.

2. Launching the Pre-Alpha Demo of the Ultraverse (PC version)

*The Ultraverse will be a multiplayer world based on Mirror Networking. With Mirror, the Server & Client are ONE project, making it easy to have many users in the same time on the same server!

*The Pre-Alpha Demo at first, will be one island with a city and country side. You will be able to enter only a few venues such as nightclubs and hotels, but eventually the whole city will be usable. You will be able to explore it by walking and flying and swinging, but soon you will be able to drive vehicles too. This is only the mere beginning of the Ultraverse and it will serve as the center.

*A bit later, 2 new islands will be added: one for training, with a military base, and one with a proper battle royale survival game!

3. Launching a 11K NFT collection: Ultra Humans

This will be a big collection of 3D NFTs that can be used in the Ultraverse and in other future games. They will be all human adults and teenagers with enhanced abilities.

4. Launching Our Own Token to be used in the Ultraverse and other games!

5. Launching Ultra Fun Gamers NFT Premium Club

This won’t be a part of the Ultraverse project, but relevant because these NFTs can be used in the Ultraverse. They will avatars impersonating human gamers. There will be multiple collections, each having its own benefits, mostly being able to play present and future Ultra Fun Games’ games for free, obtaining cryptocurrency and other NFTs, including Ultraverse NFTs and voting future games, including Ultraverse games.

6. Creating Ultra Fun Games Developer Partnership Program

*We will be teaming up with many developers and artists to scale up the Ultraverse and other games!

7. Creating a new island with a battlefield and the Ultraverse Shooting Tournament, a multiplayer shooting game within the Ultraverse!

8. Creating 8 different NFT collections of 1000 NFTs each, as fighter avatars of different races to be used in the Ultraverse and other games

9. Creating Ultra Fighting Tournament in the Ultraverse, where you can win cryptocurrency by playing it!

10. Creating Ultra Babies NFT Collection of 11K NFTs as human baby avatars to be used in the Ultraverse and other games!

11. Creating 2 NFT Collections of 10K avatars each: High Elves and Vampire Elves to be used in the Ultraverse and other games!

12. Creating Elven Wars: High Elves vs Vampire Elves: an NFT Multiplayer RPG game within the Ultraverse!

13. Creating 2 new jungle islands, one with modern animals and one with dinosaurs.

14. Creating 2 multiplayer shooter games within the Ultraverse on the newly built islands.

15. Launching Ultraverse Alpha

*The center island will be having all the venues interiors functional, those that are free will be usable and those that are for sale, will be ready to be bought.

*There will be many extra islands created, some will have cities, others their own games, others will be usable land, ready to be purchased,

*There will be vehicles that can be driven as well

16. Launching Alpha NFT Collections (people will be able to purchase land, blocs, mansions, flats, studios, cars, items etc)

17. Creating Cyberpunk Metropolis along with an NFT collection for properties in it.

18. Creating new islands and new games, including fitness games inside the Ultraverse.

19. Launching new NFT avatar collections such as Ultra Cyberpunks

20. Improving the Ultraverse and Launching Ultraverse Beta.

21. Many Other Improvements TBC

22. Releasing the Ultraverse, the official launch!

23. Constantly improving the Ultraverse and adding extra developers and artists to the team!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QSYXQS4VQm