Ultra Explorer: Jurassic Forest

Ultra Explorer: Jurassic Forest (VR Educational/Flying Game For Oculus Quest)



UItra Fun Games presents the Ultra Explorer: Jurassic Forest!

• Fun education game about various species of dinosaurs!

• Flying, climbing (dinosaurs and rocks) and riding(dinosaurs but without manipulating) features !

• 11 dinosaur species and new ones will be added in the future updates!

• Around 1,000 into 98 dinosaur groups to explore!

• Information about every species in audio and text!

• Arrow pointer to show where you can find the next group of dinosaurs!

• Time manipulation feature (can slow down or speed up time)!

Careful: some people might get scared of dinosaurs! Not for people who get scared easily!

The setting is in a huge forest filled with dinosaurs! It starts in a dinosaur scientist’s lab and it takes you to the wild through a gate. In the forest, you can fly with rockets of different speed and you will find different dinosaurs, some herbivores, some carnivores, some staying or eating, some running. There is an arrow that shows where you can find the next dinosaur group. When you approach a dinosaur group, the info droid will give you some information about that specific species, both written and audio, and you can stop it whenever you want. It contains audio effects and music to fully emerge in the simulation! You can have lots of fun by flying around, climbing and riding dinosaurs and even climbing rocks and using zip lines! If you like this game, make sure to follow UItra Fun Games on Side Quest and Itch.io to see upcoming awesome games, including fun games with dinosaurs! You can also visit our website: UltraFunGames.com! You can move around with the left thumb-stick and hold A to sprint. Pressing “A” also stops the info voice. You can grab the rockets from the tables from the start to help you fly and move faster. You can use the grip button to grab things or to climb rocks or dinosaurs. To move with the rockets, you can use the thumb-sticks and the trigger button for a super-jet power. You can also use the B button to jump, Y to slow time and X to speed up time or close the info Tablets.